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Are you looking for feedback on your poetry? Or want to attend a creative writing workshop? Sally is currently based in Liberec, Czechia and offers her services locally and remotely. 

If you would like to support Sally’s creative work, you can always show your appreciation by buying her a coffee.

Poetry Consultations

Sally offers poetry consultations on single poems and full-length manuscripts. Do you want feedback on a creative project? Are you hoping to get your poetry published? Sally will read your work carefully and give constructive feedback. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to read a testimonial and don't be shy to get in touch for more information. 


Workshop Facillitator

Sally leads creative writing workshops for both companies and private groups. For companies, she provides teambuilding exercises in writing short fiction and poetry that improve group communication and creativity.  For writers wanting to hone their technique, she offers generative workshops (writing together) and feedback workshops (feedback on your writing in a group setting). If you are interested in any of these workshops as an individual or for a company, please get in touch.


Language Consultations

Sally has over 15 years of experience teaching English to young children, university students, and business professionals. She offers English language consultations to individuals and small groups. She can help improve your spoken and written communication and specializes in helping people express themselves better in English. If you would like to contact Sally for editing services or private lessons with tailor-made curriculum, click here.

Let's Work Together

Please reach out for any questions regarding pricing and availability.

“Sally is a competent reader and understands what a poet wants to convey in their work.  With great attention and thoughtful responses, she helped me showcase my creative writing skills. She keeps you sharp in both aesthetics and craft, and inspired me to enjoy my project. Sally encouraged me to do what I do best: bring out the words that mattered.”

Nicholas Skaldetvind, author of Words that Mattered in the Moment and In Keeping with the Noisy Earth

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